Sneaky Car Dealership Tactics !

A tactic employed by some of the major franchised car dealerships is the Finance Manager will provide the customer who has just bought a vehicle through them with a finance package which includes a ridiculously high interest rate I.e 12-14%. The Finance Manger is hoping 1 of 2 things, you're too excited to even bother shopping around and you sign on the dotted line. If you know you can achieve a better rate by looking elsewhere then the Finance Manager lets you go and source a better deal elsewhere. As soon as you let them know you have found a better deal they will ask you "what interest rate did you obtain" you reply with, as an example "8%" and all of a sudden they can get you a better deal of 7.7% and you end up proceeding with their lower rate after wasting yours and another financiers time getting you that better deal! One thing you must ask yourself, does the dealership finance deserve your business? Especially when they were willing to charge you 12-14% only a day or two beforehand

RCKFS prides itself on being as open and transparent as possible you can be assured we will give you the best deal from the get go.

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