A RCKFS finance broker will give you options.

Why use a broker? By using a finance broker you have access to a number of lenders, anywhere from 15-30 different options, depending on the asset you are financing and the company you are dealing with. Compare that with a bank where they are trying to sell you their ONE suitable product. More options means better packages for you. A broker will gather all of the necessary information they require from the client to be in a position to then sit down and match you with not only the best deal but also the financier that will most likely approve your application.

As an example, you approach one of the major banks for a $40,000 boat loan, they say “yes we can assist with that” knowing quite well they do not have a “Secured Boat Loan” product however they would rather tell you yes rather than no and most likely the person you will be dealing with will be applying for an “Unsecured Personal Loan”. What is so bad about that? You may ask, well most unsecured personal loans products incur a higher rate of interest as they are considered a higher risk as there is nothing the bank can take security over and ultimately repossess if you fall into arrears and or default.

By using a broker, it gives you more chances of 1. Being approved the first time, with no unnecessary enquiries on your credit file and 2. A more competitive loan package as they have many loans to compare against and not just the one.

So if you want a handful of finance package options and to keep the power in your hands why not experience the RCKFS difference and apply online for finance today.

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