RCK Financial Services (“RCKFS”) collects personal information
about you for the purposes you agree to in this Privacy Statement and Consent. Any personal information obtained from
you is used only for the purposes listed in this Authority and is not disclosed to any other person except with your
consent or as permitted or required by law.

RCKFS requires your personal information to process your application, or the application of the company of which you
are a director, or to provide you with services you request. Our capacity to assist you with your application, or other
associated services, may be limited by the personal information you provide.

You have a right to access the personal information we hold about you and to correct it if it is wrong. You can do this by
contacting the Privacy Officer at RCKFS, suite 124/30, 514 Christine Ave, Robina QLD 4226, phone 07 55934596 or Our privacy policy is available on request.

1. I acknowledge and agree RCKFS may:

  • Obtain from, and disclose to, any third party any information about me that is reasonably necessary to advise me, or to assess, arrange, provide or administer my application for credit or the application by a company of which I am a director or to be a guarantor (“the application”)
  • Provide my personal information to a potential Lender so it can assess the application
  • Disclose my personal information, including my credit information, to organisations that provide services to it, such as contractors, agents, computer systems consultants or providers, document custodians and advisors so they can perform those services.

2. I acknowledge and agree a potential Lender may use my personal information to do any, or all, of the
following to assess my application for credit or to be a guarantor:

  • Notify a credit reporting agency I have applied for credit with them, the amount of the credit required and that they are my current credit provider
  • Provide my identification details to the credit reporting agency
  • Exchange credit information about me with a credit reporting agency and any credit provider named in any credit report from that agency, or any credit provider named in my application
  • Obtain information about my commercial activities or commercial credit worthiness, where relevant, from a credit reporting agency
  • Disclose information about my proposed loan and my credit information to a prospective guarantor
  • Obtain a credit report about a prospective guarantor for the purpose of assessing whether to accept them as guarantor of a loan

3. I acknowledge and agree RCKFS, as my agent, may do any, or all, of the following on my behalf to
access and disclose my credit information:

  • Provide my identification details to a credit reporting agency
  • Obtain my credit report from a credit reporting agency, including a commercial report, where necessary
  • Disclose information from the credit report and any relevant credit information to potential Lenders
  • Disclose information about the proposed loan and my credit information to a guarantor, or prospective guarantor

4. I acknowledge RCKFS, and any of its related entities may use my personal information to:

  • Promote products and services to me
  • Make future offers to me

If I do not wish to receive these services, I will contact RCKFS on 07 5593 4596 to request its cancellation.

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